The Old Time CME

Continuing Medical Education, or CME, remains a big advantage for the US health system.

But like nearly every other aspect of medicine, CME has undergone radical change in recent years, and there will be more dramatic changes likely to be just ahead. Sure, Dr. Brown still attends an occasional out-of-town conference, but at the core of the CME effort in the new millennium lies the concept of a multimedia CME training location – a comprehensive, local information clearinghouse using the latest technology to aid the physician in the difficult new world of medicine while providing an exciting new opportunity for marketing.

Wide-ranging materials are available on most medical subjects, to provide the information physicians need to best serve their patients, and to advance their specialty training and education. Programs can be custom-tailored for each doctor, following an initial assessment that pinpoints his or her strengths and weaknesses. The staff (or someone on-line) then designs an individual study program with precisely

Not Enough Doctors Or Not Enough Teaching Hospitals?

Traditionally, medical schools could count on relationships with public hospitals to provide a vast number of uninsured or Medicaid patients, who would be treated by residents and medical students, under the supervision of fully qualified physicians. But, the supply of low-income patients available for medical education is drying up. No one in the profession much likes to admit it, but in many big-city hospitals today the best place to find med students and residents is the lounge or the nurses’ station, not the patients’ ward.

University of Colorado Hospital remains one of the few.

Why is this happening? One reason is that the notion of using poor patients as guinea pigs for med students has come under attack from legislators and physicians who increasingly realize that everyone is entitled to the same level of care regardless of income. But an even more important factor is the continuing revolution in health-care economics. Thanks to changes in Medicaid funding and to hospital …

Slip A Snore Mouthpiece Into Your Mouth Before Sleeping

The snore mouthpiece is nothing but a device that you slip into your mouth before going to bed. This helps you in keeping your air passages clear so that your breathing is uninterrupted. Those that snore have felt a lot of fatigue through their days. They may think that they have had a good night’s sleep and yet feel tired through the following day. It is difficult to assess your own sleep patterns. There has been a lot of research and experimentation that leads one to believe that snoring can have long term impact that is negative to the overall sense of well-being.

snoring_problems_hurtTherefore, there has been a lot of talk about designing and manufacturing products or devices that can help people and stop them from snoring. The snore mouthpiece is expected to come by a few different names and they are being marketed quite aggressively. It is not all that difficult to find the snore mouthpiece online and make an attempt to use it for a certain period of time to see positive results. You are bound to come across SnoreRX as that is certainly one of the devices used to stop snoring. It is fast becoming quite the popular one too.

Internet Has Abundant Information On The SnoreRX

For anything that you need to know, there is always the Internet, this includes information about snorerx or snorerx reviews. As long as you access to the internet through a laptop or a smart phone, you are never going to be clueless about anything. In fact, it has become the norm to find anything online including scientific journals and information that is well-researched on any topic under the sun. If you are looking for some help with your snoring problems, you are most likely to find not only various scientific articles but also many different products that promote a snore-less sleep. It is just a matter of looking in the right place for the right thing.

When you find that SnoreRX being advertised on one of the web sites, you are going to know the direct you can take. It is a simple matter of clicking on the particular product and adding it to the shopping cart. Keeping your money ready to pay at the checkout will make things smoother. You will probably have to get the high-speed bandwidth in order to move from page to page quickly. Whatever the process, if you want to buy a stop snoring mouthpiece all you have to do is find a device that can get connected to the internet.

Find Relief With The Right Mouthpiece

There are lots of good snore mouthpiece reviews you can read on the web.

SnoreRX by its name indicates Continue reading …

Best Method Of Skin Tags Removal

bmostrThe skin tone tags are generally small ample epidermis increase that will cause no hurting as well as is usually harmless. Some individuals adopt information on how to remove skin tags yet medically authorized procedures are typically the best applications for handling these situations. You have to distinguish that it happens to be not essential to eliminate epidermis tags other than in cases that are painful. Several people decide to eradicate tags on account of their ugly physical emergence. They generally grow on your neck, nasal, eyelids, face along with the armpits although they will grow almost everywhere!

Cauterization is one of the procedures for removing tags. It is the most frequent answer to the difficulty with skin tags. The expansion is burned through the application of a metallic probe that is heated with electric current. Another method is excision, practically, which implies cutting off. This is usually a surgical method in that the expansion is removed fully through cutting it from the outside of your skin. Some tags are unintentionally cut off whilst shaving. For an excision situation, ensure that the cutting edge you utilize is appropriately sanitized along with the immediate vicinity of the tag to avoid infection.

Advantages Of Learning Traditional Methods Of Removing Skin Tags

Why should you spend your hard-earned money on a hospital for removing skin tags when you can do it by yourself? Skin tags can seem like a big issue to any kind of person who has them. Sometimes, their size can be terrifying especially for you who will want to get rid of them. You should not be discouraged anymore. You can learn how to remove skin tags easily through different means.

Information is all over the place. In fact, the internet has made it easier for us. You can access information anywhere and at any time. Instead of spending money going to the hospital to have your skin tag removed, you can simply log on to the internet and acquire information that will help you. Learning traditional methods of removing skin tags through the internet will save you a Continue reading …

New Threats On The Horizon

Most people see bugs as just pesky backyard nuisances. But as more housing springs up in once-rural areas, suburbanites are coming in much closer contact with mosquitoes and ticks capable of transmitting serious illnesses. And sometimes, a bug bite can mean big trouble.

What’s more, because many bug-borne diseases cause flulike symptoms, they can often be misdiagnosed and result in potentially serious complications. Doctors usually suspect an insect-related disease if you know you’ve recently been bitten or have spent time in a wooded area. The diagnosis is confirmed through a blood test.

“People should be aware of these diseases, and take precautions,” says Duane Gubler, Sc.D., director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) division of vector-borne infectious diseases, in Ft. Collins, CO. The best protection is prevention, especially in prime mosquito territory: woods, wetlands, marshes, and lakes. When possible, wear long sleeves and long pants while in these areas. On exposed skin and on clothing, always …

Medical Training Goes Beyond Books And Practice

During the first two years of medical school, students intensively study the sciences that form the basis of medical practice. These courses have traditionally been taught through lectures and laboratories and tested by rote recall of literally thousands of pieces of information. This model hearkens back to a previous era when physicians were expected to master all the scientific knowledge that then existed as the foundation of medicine. The explosion of biomedical science over the last several decades has rendered this once challenging task now frankly impossible.

THINK, AS AN EXAMPLE, of our knowledge of infectious diseases over the last 50 years. In 1944 bacteria and viruses had been discovered, but little was known about how they caused disease. The entire antibiotic armamentarium consisted of sulfa and penicillin. Medicine had nothing else to offer for a multitude of fatal infections.

Today, we know about many thousands of disease-causing organisms and scientists regularly discover new ones. The hospital where I work

Is Medicine A Vocation? Or A Humdrum Chore?

Voco, vocare, vocatus–the Latin root of the word “vocation” means to summon, to call, to name, to call upon, to invite, to challenge. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the word thus: 1) a regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified; 2) an inclination, as if in response to summons, to undertake a certain kind of work, especially a religious career. The phrase, “as if in response to a summons,” introduces a mystical quality. If the word “profession” is brought into the discussion, there is a degree of religious-secular conceptual crossover. One definition of that word, from the same dictionary, is: an occupation requiring considerable training and specialized study. In most religious orders and congregations the taking of final vows is referred to as “making one’s profession.” Profession is a part of vocation, but vocation suggests a higher calling, something requiring time, training and commitment, with an ineffable quality that goes