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You Can’t Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drives with Data Recovery Software

clicking-hddI understand that a lot of people think that it is very easy to recover data from noises hard drive platters using just simple data recovery software. Well, I can tell you that that is exactly what the software developers want you think. What you need to look at is if the data recovery software company that you downloaded the software from actually offers a moneyback guarantee. In most cases, of course they won’t. Because the problem with actually attempting to recover your hard drive using data recovery software is that if your operating system cannot see the hard drive, there is no way that you can recover any files.

Of course, they never tell you this kind of thing because their profit model very much relies on the fact that you might try to recover data from crashed hard drives with their software. More users need to know about this so that they can save their money.

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drives with This Advice

I’m getting sick and tired of reading all of these websites selling data recovery software that tell you that in pretty much every instance you are going to be able to recover data from external hard drive platters. This is an absolute ridiculous assumption, mainly because of the fact that when a hard drive has physically failed, it is impossible to access anything on it. This is just a simple fact. Take the hard drive recovery process as an example. When you have to know about hard drive recovery is that the data recovery technician has to actually rebuild your hard drive from scratch using parts supplied by the manufacturer. Then, and only then, can you actually access the data in order to recover it. So the idea that you can actually just recover these drives very easily is pretty idiotic. But unfortunately, a lot of people fall for an end up buying useless data recovery software. It really is a shame.

Watch for Hard Drive Clicking

I think one of the things that almost every computer user needs to watch out for is the case when they came hear a hard drive clicking sound coming from the computer case. This obviously is a very similar sound whether it is coming from a regular PC case or a laptop. Typically, it signifies that a hard drive head is clicking against the hard disk platter. Obviously, this is a very dangerous situation because it means that the drive head could be damaging some of the data on your hard drive. If this happens, you could be subject to some pretty serious data loss that can be permanent.

This is not to say that this is an automatic bad thing, but it is pretty obvious that if you have this happen to you, you are going to be needing the services of a professional data recovery company. They will understand what to do and can ensure at least that your data remains the safest possible.

Hard Drive Clicking Was the End of It

I am actually still trying to get over this recent data loss situation that ended up installing my progress on a project for about two weeks. I think I should have probably turned off my system immediately as soon as I heard a raid hard drive clicking sound, but of course I didn’t and that ended up being the end of my computer system. I unfortunately was in the middle of some very important drawings that I was going to present to a client, and my hard drive suddenly died. There was absolutely no way that I could access it, and I tried a number of data recovery software tools that ended up costing a lot of money.

I realize now I should’ve probably just contact a professional data recovery company from the start. They understand that the hard drive clicking sound isn’t really the end of the world, but it is a sign of a serious hard drive issue.

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